A group of city staff.

City & County Governments

BayREN has partnered with local governments since 2013 to:

  • Accelerate transitions to carbon neutrality
  • Promote economic recovery by creating new, local green jobs  
  • Reduce barriers to new, climate-friendly housing development
  • Upgrade existing affordable housing for better health and comfort

How Jurisdictions Benefit with a BayREN Partnership

BayREN invites jurisdictions to partner with us in numerous ways: co-branded materials, event sponsorship, presentations, data access, and more.

We also have incentives that meet the needs of different groups around the Bay to make it greener, sustainable and healthy. 

For questions or opportunities to work together, please feel free to reach out to bayrenmarketing@bayareametro.gov.

Review Our Programs

Single-Family Rebates

Our Home+ program benefits jurisdictions by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating environmental risks.

Plus - reduced utility costs for residents! BayREN’s existing network of participating contractors makes it easy.

Green Labeling for Real Estate

The Green Labeling program connects home buyers and sellers to other homeowner programs.

We provide economic development through training and education, and help recognize energy efficiency within the value of homes.

Multifamily Programs

BayREN’s multifamily program benefits jurisdictions by preserving existing unsubsidized affordable housing (UAH).

We help to mitigate negative health impacts in substandard housing, and reduce housing costs for property owners.

Saving Water

The Water Upgrades Save program helps municipal utilities work with their customers to provide water efficiency improvements.

There is no upfront cost to residents, and they get immediate savings on utility bills, plus reduced water consumption.


Our Business program benefits jurisdictions by supporting small businesses in reducing emissions and energy costs, and improving access to capital.

Make your facility safer, cleaner and greener.

Codes & Standards

Our Codes & Standards program assists jurisdictions by reducing barriers to new, climate-friendly housing development.

We offer free technical assistance and increasing energy code compliance.

BayREN is dedicated to collaborating with the nine counties that make up the San Francisco Bay Area.

Led by the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), we provide regional-scale energy efficiency programs, services, and resources to homeowners, renters, multifamily property owners, businesses, and local governments.